The Great American Holocaust


We are appalled when we read articles and books, see movies, about the slaughter of  men, women and children during the Holocaust in Germany by the orders of an evil man called Adolf Hitler. We are appalled still when we hear of Stalin and others of the 20th century committing such crimes of violence to their fellow human beings. In the twenty-first century we learned of the horrible atrocities of some in many countries. We hear of beheadings, shooting, rape, human trafficking and many things done even by some who think they are doing God a favor. Man's inhumanity to man; will it ever end?

Just a couple of centuries before this one it was perfectly legal in the United States to own another human being, to buy and sell them, separate families, beat them unmercifully if they tried to escape. Yet, as evil and cruel as that sounds, it was perfectly legal.

When preachers from the north and other brave souls began to cry out against this evil, they were considered trouble makers. Those preachers threatened the very economy and life-style of the southern plantation owners with their talk of all men being created equal.

Thank God our the United States came out of that era with a long hard struggle.

Who would think that just a few years later in the 20th century, our America, our beloved United States of America would allow the murder of millions of innocent little people. These dear helpless little babies have done no evil to deserve the sentence of death. They did not ask to be conceived yet they have been sentenced to death by our courts and by the RIGHT TO CHOOSE of the women who carry them.

Yes, it is perfectly legal to kill an unborn baby even up until the time of birth. They can be killed when they are partially out of the motherís womb. Infanticide is now legal in America. Since writing this article the first time, in New York it is legal for a baby to be allowed to die if they were born alive by an attempted abortion. A few other states have tried to legalize this also. We know now that a baby born alive can be used to harvest their organs and their cells used in vaccines.

It did not start out that way. Little by little abortion proponents, changed some of the words and phrases to make it more acceptable to society. Instead of babies, they use the term fetus. It is easier to kill a fetus than a baby. To appeal to a Democratic, free society they flaunted out the term "A womanís right to choose." Now, who is going to be against womenís rights? Now the term has changed to a woman's reproductive right. All this is to cover up and disguise the evil intent of those that want to reverse anything God ordained not knowing the one that put these things in their hearts is none other than Satan himself.

Finally, what was once considered rare and evil to most Americans, is now excepted as a right and those who dare to oppose it are considered the trouble makers and against womenís rights.

The writer of this article is a woman. I have born five children. I know what it is like to feel them kicking in the womb. They are live little human beings safely nestled (at least they used to be) inside a motherís womb until the time of their birth. The womb has become a very dangerous place for a child.

I would never lift my hand to hurt or use violence against anyone, but I do cry and pray that we in the United States would stop this murder of millions of innocent children before the judgment of God falls upon us as a nation. We as a nation have already committed more murders than Adolf Hitler.  

Please, please, America

Dorna Chambers

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